care guide

How do you wash a printed garment?

First you have to know that we use different types of impressions as required to provide you with a greater variety and tastes of touches.

What are those types of impressions ?

  • screen printing, sublimation, direct-to-garment printing, photographic transfers, etc. All resist washing over time. However, it is always better to take care of the garment when we want to wash it.
  • Composition : We refer to the cases of cotton or polyester garments or a composition of both.
  • Hand wash only.
  • wash inside out
  • Cotton: Ironing on top of the print is not recommended
  • Polyester: Do not iron
  • use little fabric softeners
  • wash at 30 degrees
  • If you use a washing machine, try not to mix in the washing machine with slippers, velcro, buckles... to avoid damaging the garment with rubbing. Sometimes we don't realize it but a velcro can make the garment ball or fluff.